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THORN Lighting  |  Bayer Growers Stadium, Pukekohe

Working in conjunction with engineer Laurie Cook from THORN Lighting, Celtic Solution staff ascended each of the stadiums newly installed light towers and aimed each lamp with precision. The resulting award winning lighting system gained Thorn many industrial accolades.

Fletcher Construction Project  |  Auckland University Business School

Celtic Solutions worked in partnership with Fletcher Construction Limited and their subcontractors on this landmark new construction project. Although Celtic Solutions worked over many months on many smaller aspects of the project the largest task was to hang the architectural glass wing walls off the tips of the curved building. These heavy glass components were lowered into place by cranes and secured to the super structure with a minimum of tolerance.

Fletcher Construction Project  |  Extensions to Stamford Plaza Hotel

Although a new construction project, this building site was on top of the existing and still operating Hotel. Thus bringing to the project special operating parameters. Disruption and noise needed to be kept to a minimum. Celtic Solutions provided a number of Swinging stages, regular staff inductions and were on call to provided prompt reliable moves and safety servicing of this equipment.

Abseiling Services were also utilised by Fletchers and their subcontractors. Work was carried out by abseilers within the glass lift shaft. Polishing of the exterior windows was completed so as to ensure a seamless look between the new and existing parts of the building. A professional and reliable team was essential to maintain the safety and the respect of the Hotel customers below.

outdoor lighting for Stadium up light towers
building work at height at Auckland University
professional industrial abseilers polishing windows on highrise hotel